Mojo's Ramp Pix 81-100


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81. A view of the hangar from the west
82. This is Herbie - what's his last name? Hervey Bolden
The person's name is Hervey Bolden or Belden. -Roger Wallace (1/2/04)
ESOP list shows him as H. Bolden. -Jake Lamkins (1/3/04)
This is Hervey Bolden. -Jake Lamkins (4/20/10)
83. Jack Bass who had a long, varied career
84. Jack Bass and Norm Rankin
85. Jerrick Johnson
86. Jerrick Johnson and Sam Hoover
#86 Poor Jerrick got no end of teasing over "resting his eyes" in that pic! Luckily I also got him in action inside the pit actually stacking bags or he'd never heard the end of it! -Mojo Muller (4/19/10)
87. Jerry Sawamura
88. Jerry Sawamura and Bill Hamlin
89. Jim Hubbs and someone whose name we need
90. Jim McGaha
91. Jim Milne and Lowell Mosher
92. Jim Seymour
93. Jim Seymour again
94. Jim Seymour, Dino (need last name) and Bob White
95. Jim Sisk and Tony De La Cruz
96. Mickey Throop, Keith Nelson and 2 whose names we need
Picture #96 - the dark haired guy at the top is Andy Gontar and the guy next to him is Gerry McGinn.
I am not sure of the spelling on the last name.-Steve Cole (12/7/03)
97. Joe Fogarty and Mike Whitney
98. Joe and Bill Ruoff
#98 Shipping ostrich for the zoo. One of them managed to kick out a plank in their crate. Got to see tiger cubs and a sloth at other times, and lots of boxes of eucalyptus leaves while the koalas were visiting.
-Mojo Muller (4/19/10)
99. Joe with Bill again
100. Joe with someone we can't ID

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