Mojo's Ramp Pix 101-120


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101. Joe Sullivan and Bill Bemis

102. Joe, Tom Zimmerman and someone whose name we need
That's Bob Flatten looking at the camera. He was RIFed out of GJT. - Fred Watson (12/22/12)
Thanks, Fred; so we have L-R: Bob Flatten, Tom Zimmerman and Joe Sullivan. - Jake Lamkins (12/22/12)

103. John Ensign

104. John Hildebrand and Frank Bubany
I'm real sure that's Frank Bubany on the right. I worked with him when I was with C&C Denver at Stapleton & DIA. - Jim Burbank (7/20/11)

105. John Hildebrand and some unidentified folks

106. Judy Fenton

107. Keith Novy

108. Ken Baxter

109. Kent Retchless, Mike Torrez and unidentified

110. Larry Johnson

111. Leon Robinson and Willie Reliford
Leon died 11/9/1998, age 52 - Jake Lamkins (4/19/10)

112. Leon Robinson with Jan Shannon & Don Pruitt

113. Les Simpson

114. Les Simpson and Tom Kelly

115. Lowell Erickson

116. Lowell Erickson

117. Mark Dooley

118. Marty Mortenson

119. Mary Ann Hesseman

120. Matthew Klingensmith
Pic 120 is Matthew Klingensmith in HIS tophat. There's others wearing it in some pics because he brought it to work when we were working the T-point one cold winter. He was a new hire then who immediately made friends with everyone. We found out he was also a chimney sweep. When Tim Love teased he couldn't be a chimney sweep w/o a tophat, he had to prove to us all that he had one and wore it to work the next shift. It made the rounds and luckily I had my camera along that night. - Mojo Muller (4/19/10)

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Jake Lamkins