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201. Laura worked in Stores. Anybody know her last name?
202. Laura unk & Lily unk in Stores
203. Ward Briggs
J. Ward Briggs per Mike Lipsey.
I can also confirm that Picture #203, Unk4.jpg, is indeed J. Ward Briggs
-Gary Wingert.
Your picture #203 is J. Ward Briggs. Worked the ramp and sometimes in the tower (DENOTFL).
-Jerry Piller
204. Who's this with Calvin Duncan in Stores
205. Ted Herrick
206. Terry "Mikey" Mayer
207. Tim Crow
208. Tim Garcia
209. Tim Love
210. Faustin "Tino" Lopez
211. Tomi Parr working baggage desk
212. Tomi Parr
213. Dan McGrew and Andy Cohen
The unknown person is Dan McGrew... . certainly looks like him.. maybe others can verify this.. thx..
-Marvin Euteneuer (2/8/14)
214. Tony Leyba
215. Tony Leyba & 2 unks
216. Unknown tower agent
#216 The unk tower agent may be me....Jerry least it looks like tha back of my head - ha! Even though it looks like a Sr. Agt. uniform we could all wear that uniform in the tower. It may be the Sr Agt & if so it may be Bobby Sissons...BUT the Sr Agt sat on the L and the other Agt sat on the R and this appear to be the Agt on the R. I know who it isn't....Jerry Divelbiss, Gary Wingert, Tom Faulk, or Ward Briggs - which leads me to believe that it's me. I worked up there from probably 80-85. Aloha,
-Jerry Piller, (10/28/03)
217. Dennis Dow in the tower.
Picture #217, Tower_Unk2.jpg, "Dennis ? in the tower" *might* be Dick Pleier-Gary Wingert.
#217 Dennis Dow. Got the last name from another pic of our grand T-point breakroom when he and Randy Milton are in the pic together. (#50)
-Mojo Muller (4/20/10)
218. Need a name
219. Picture number 219 is Dennis (Fred) Atenhan. He's the guy we locked in the pit of a 727 that he thought was going to Kansas City. He kicked and screamed and yelled his head off as it started up and taxied out. When the mechanics got it to the hangar (where it was actually headed) there were 50 people waiting there to watch him bound out of the pit like a scalded chicken.
-Steve Cornish (1/14/03)
Hey Steve, thanks for the input but lets get this story right. I was in the front pit looking for a SLC bag for a customer that decided not to go on the flight. The 727 was going to GJT and then on to SLC. I was in the rear of the pit still looking for this bag which I never found, when a bag runner came along and put a last minuite bag on the trip and closed the door. It was so dark I could not see anything. I managed to crawl to the front and I looked for the inside door handle which I couldn't find so I climbed in the very front of the pit which I knew was close to being under the cockpit and started kicking the ceiling of the pit with my feet and hitting it with my fist. The engines were revving up and I could just imagine the airplane was turning out of the gate. So I got myself all tucked in behind the webbing and started to brace myself for takeoff. I was just hoping Grand Junction was going to have something to put in the Salt Lake City pit so I could get off in Junction. Well about that time a mechanic opened the door and asked,"Was that you making all that noise?" I jumped up and out the pit and at the same time I went answering, "You bet it was." End of story.
-Fred Atenhan (12/30/03)
220. What's his name?

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