Mojo's Ramp Pix 121-140


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121. Mike Lipsey and folks we need names for
Guy in the white shirt facing left is Bill Johnson. - Fred Watson (12/22/12)

122. Mike Manual

123. Mike, Dave Taft and 2 we don't know

124. Mike again

125. Mike, Unknown, Dave Taft and Andy Cohen

126. Agents with no names working a PEX 727
Could be Fred Watson plugging in headset. - Fred Watson (12/22/12)

127. Mike Whitney

128. Mojo Muller who took these photos

129. Another of Mojo
I loved those boots! Sooo comfortable! -Mojo Muller (9/9/10)

130. Norm Rankin

131. Anybody know these two getting relaxing after work?
Andy Gontar on the left. -Mojo Muller (9/9/10)

132. Dave Sharpnack, aka Dave de Fueler

133. Gary Cooper, need an ID on the TCA and Randy Stumpf
TCA is Millie! -Mojo Muller (9/11/10)
Her name was Millie Harm and she married someone down in Texas after FL folded. -Jan Lefler (9/13/10)
Millie married FL pilot George Bilotta in 1986 and they lived in AUS awhile - now in PHX area, I think. -Jake Lamkins (9/13/10)

134. Jan Shannon and Dana Razee Schiff relax after work
Dana died 9/21/2007, age 48 - Jake Lamkins (4/19/10)

135. Phil Blann

136. Rick Rutt

137. Randy (need last name) and Barb Stewart

138. Unidentified, Doug Farris and Eric (need last name)

139. Who knows the name of this guy?

140. Pat Kern
Thought I would clarify picture 140, it's me Pat Kern not Brady. - Pat Kern (4/18/10)

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Jake Lamkins