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21. Bob Dirksen
Bob died 11/8/87 age 52 - Jake Lamkins (4/17/10)
22. Another of Bob Dirksen
23. Bob Elliott
Bob died 1/9/2002, age 76 - Jake Lamkins (4/19/10)
24. Bob Howell
25. Dave Mattox
26. This is Bob - anybody remember his last name?
27. Brenda Booker & Brian Roh
28. Calvin Duncan & Paul Stevenson
Paul died 3/10/2004, age 58 - Jake Lamkins (4/19/10)
29. Calvin Duncan worked in Stores
30. Chuck Wade, Nina Gregg, Dale Bristol & Andy Cohen in breakroom. Can you ID others?
31. Connie McAlister & Tom Simpson
Is this Dan "Smitty" Smith? - Jake Lamkins (4/17/10)
#31 That's not Smitty with Connie, I'm sure of that. Naturally, his name won't come to mind, but he's one of the good guys; intelligent, hard-working, good judgment, even-tempered, fun, etc. That description fits a lot of our guys, I know.
-Mojo Muller (4/19/10)
Posted at FLacebook:
Who is the guy on the right? SSA Connie McAlister on left. From DEN about 1984. -Jake Lamkins
Tom Simpson. -Stan Talbert
It's Tom Simpson for sure!!! -Judi Fenton Plumer're right. -Mark Dooley
32. Dan "Smitty" Smith (killed in accident late 1986), Jim Valdez and an unknown agent
Smitty was killed in an motorcycle accident 9/2/86 - Jake Lamkins (4/17/10)
33. Dane Vannice & Rick Smith
34. Dane Vannice & Tom Harris
35. Dan "Smitty" Smith & Lowell Erickson
36. Dave Beckingham
#36 Taken in the D6 stairwell, which served as our breakroom at the T-point for a long time. Notice nobody took their coats or gloves off, it was still plenty cold in there! But we found shelter from the wind and took turns checking to watch for carts that had been dropped off. We commandeered enough seats from the concourse that the crew could sit, with a couple on the stairs, and the stairwell had a heater leftover from the days it was actually used to board passengers.
-Mojo Muller (4/19/10)
37. Dave Conley
38. Dave Finchem doing the honey bucket routine
39. Does anyone remember his name?
Jerry Piller IDs this agent as Gary Wingert working wt/bal
That is indeed me, Gary Wingert, working in the Forms room circa 1985!
I am the subject in that photo, working W&B in the DEN forms room. - Gary Wingert (4/19/10)
40. Dave Mattox

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