Mojo's DENFL Ramp Pix

This is Mojo's photographic collection from 1979-86 when she was a Frontier Airlines station agent working the ramp at Denver's Stapleton airport. Many names are unknown and/or uncertain so you can help out by emailing new info on identifications. Please refer to the number of the photo and use a left to right order of I.D. These pix will give you a REAL taste of the DENFL ramp and all the great folks who worked there. Thanks very much for your help.

I'm enjoying my pics all over again; thanks, Jake!
Wow, I go right back there in a flash.
Still the most fun I ever got paid for.
What a great time in my life that was!
Lots of hard work and lots of good people to work with!
-Mojo Muller (4/19/10)

Del Zimmerman sent this copy of the DEN Station Roster dated 8/9/86.
-Jake Lamkins (4/21/10)

Please let Mojo know how much these photos mean.
I remember her driving around in her tug with her camera at her side.
-Tomi Parr (4/23/10)

I just found out about the web site from Jim Holbrook.
The first thing I looked at was your vast collection of pictures,
and it was almost as if the last 24 years had not occurred.
-Paul LaPrad (9/8/10)

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