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Rusty Lambert



1933 - 2017

Notes Of Remembrance

Rusty flew west on Dec 26, 2017

He began working at Central Airlines on May 21, 1962

His 3rd year pin arrived in May 1965

Rusty was #258 on the Sep 1970 pilots seniority list

He played good golf in Sep 1972

3 months later he made more golfing news

By Jul 1973 he was playing with the vice president

Rusty is pictured golfing (again) in Feb 1976

An Aug 1980 article mentions Rusty

The Sep 1986 pilot seniority list has him at #66

Rusty had a fight with the NTSB in Apr 1993

He attended the Aug 1996 FYV-FSM Reunion

His wife Ann came to the Oct 2003 DFW Reunion

Rusty (R) with Rod Downey and John Matthews
at the Aug 2007 FYV-FSM Reunion

Next year he was back and enjoying himself

He brought a friend in Aug 2009

Rusty was at the Sep 2009 MCI Reunion

Jack Chambers, Rusty and Jake Lamkins at the 2010 FYV-FSM Reunion -------

Next month he was nuzzling at the MCI Reunion

Rusty and Ralph Beecham at the Aug 2011 FYV-FSM Reunion

Next month he was at the MCI Reunion again

Bill Guthrie and Rusty at the Sep 2012 FYV-FSM Reunion

Rusty attended the Sep 2013 MCI Reunion

He was back at the FYV-FSM Reunion in Sep 2014
with L-R: Harold Maxwell, Bob Erdmann and Phil Green

Jake Lamkins with Rusty at the Aug 2015 FYV-FSM Reunion

Another photo from the 2015 FYV-FSM Reunion
Ray Duckett, Rusty, Jim Green and Phil Green


David Grogg created these simulations in honor of his grandfather, CN/FL pilot Hal Grogg.

We are FLamily