We Are FLamily!
Lew Dymond



1920 - 2008

Notes Of Remembrance

Lew flew west on Jul 28, 2008

His SSDI Record

He co-piloted National's first DC-6B in 1952
That's him in the co-pilot's seat

Lew began working at Frontier Airlines on Apr 10, 1962

An Apr 10, 1962 photo of him and the new Frontier Board

A May 1962 article announced the Board changes

Lew's May 1962 letter to the employees

Another May 1962 item with Lew

A Mar 1963 photo of Lew

Lew looks over a DC-9 in Jun 1963 with Central's Keith Kahle -------

His pic from the 1963 Frontier Annual Report

Another view from the 1963 Report

Lew is mentioned in an Aug 1963 item

A Dec 1963 article about Lew and FL

A FL 1964 stock certificate with Lew's signature

A May 1964 article about Frontier's stock

Lew poses with a new hat in Jul 1964

He is shown milking a cow in 1964

A page from the 1965 Frontier Annual Report

Close-up of Lew from same page

Lew pictured with Frontier's newest aircraft in Aug 1965

Front page of the Nov 1965 ATW magazine

1965 Pic of Lew with other Frontier officers

Lew takes delivery of Frontier's first 727s in 1966

The 727 arrives at BIL

The first 20 year pins awarded in Jun 1966

Lew signing the 1967 IAM contract

His 1967 anuual report message

The 1967 annual report pictures Lew and the board

Another listing from the 1967 annual report

In 1967 Lew was elected ALTA Chairman

A Jun 1967 article about the merger with Central (CN)

An Aug 1967 article about Frontier and Lew

Lew is pictured in a Mar 1968 item

He resigned his office Jan 2, 1969

Another article about his resignation

Lew was Frontier President Apr 1962 - Jan 1969

Frontier Presidents' Webpage

He is mentioned in Lamar Muse's book

We are FLamily