We Are FLamily!
Memorial to John Myers



1915 - 1994

John flew west on Wed, Jul 20, 1994

Notes Of Remembrance

DEN secretary Donna Myers was John's wife

He began working at Monarch Airlines on Jan 1, 1946 -------

John with three Monarch Airlines crews at DRO, Feb. 1947

Another view of the same gathering

His photo with Robert Wells in 1950 - stewardess is unknown

He looks out of DC-3 cockpit in 1950

A pic of him (R) in cockpit with Wells in 1950

John and wife Donna with others got their 5 year pins

Another photo of the 5 year event

He is in an Aug 1958 article

A Jan 1960 article shows him at work

John at work again in Oct 1960

He got one of the first 15 year pins in Jan 1961

An Aug 1961 item shows him and other 15 year veterans

John and wife Donna are shown in a Mar 1962 photo collage

A close-up of them from the article

A Feb 1963 article notes John's promotion

He got to do some PR work in Nov 1964

In Jan 1966 he finished his 20th anniversary with Frontier

A photo of John getting his 20 year pin

A Feb 1967 article mentions the 1947 pic

Another promotion came in Mar 1968

John got his 25 year pin in Jan 1971

An article about his anniversary

He was #4 on the Sep 1972 pilots seniority list

John helped Ray Wilson celebrate his 78th birthday on Sep 2, 1978 -------

He attended Jack Schade's Jan 1981 retirement party
L-R: Jack, Bill McChrystal, John and Jack Robins


We are FLamily