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Memorial to Jim Langhofer



1926 - 2020

Jim flew west on May 7, 2020

Notes Of Remembrance

His obituary

He is buried at Littleton, Colorado

A Navy photo of him from about 1948

Jim began working at Monarch Airlines on May 10, 1950 -------

He got his 5 year pin in May 1955

Aug 23, 1958 was a bad day for Jim
He phoned his wife to tell her he had been in an accident

The CAB Report on what happened

Jim narrowly escaped death in the crash
He was seated in the co-pilot's seat where the prop slashed into the fuselage -------

An article from the Pueblo newspaper about it

Another news item details the events of the near tragedy

His daughter sent these news articles

He is shown in a Dec 1961 news item

His 15th year service anniversary arrived in May 1965

Jim had another anxious inflight experience in Jan 1966

He got his 20 year pin in May 1970

Five years later in May 1975 he marked 25 years with Frontier

The next month he appeared in the Frontier employees newsletter

Jim had 30 years with Frontier in May 1980

He retired on Feb 1, 1984
with 33 years and 8 months seniority

An undated photo of Jim some years after his retirement

Jim and his two children in his later life

A pic with a good buddy from his last years

His son poses in recent years with the prop that almost killed his dad -------
Frontier gave the prop to Jim as a souvenir

A Sep 2020 news article about the storage unit fire -------
that burned much of Jim's memorabilia

The remains of the prop after the fire

Jim's medals retrieved from the ashes of the fire
Note Jim's 20 year Frontier service wings


We are FLamily