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Don Enos

We Remember!


1932 - 2014


Notes Of Remembrance

Don's obituary

He is buried at Seminole, Oklahoma

Eulogy for Don

Don began working at Central Airlines on April 12, 1956

Photo of Don marrying Phyllis in 1954

He was a MLC station agent in Jul 1959

By Jun 1962 he was BVO station manager

Don then took over the JLN manager's job in Jul 1963

Photo of Don at the JLN airport in late 1963

Don moved to the FYV manager's job in Feb 1964

A Mar 1964 article mentions Don

Don's name comes up in an Aug 1965 item

By Oct 1965 he is settled into the FYV job

The FYV Chamber of Commerce named him Man of the Month in May 1966 -------

Don with FYV dignitaries in a 1970 ceremony.
3rd from the left is STL sales manager Art Giffin, Don is on the right end
and STL sales rep Ed Dunaway is 3rd from the right.

Close-up of Don from the previous photo

Don pictured in a Jun 1972 article

By Jun 1981 Don had moved to the CPR station manager job

He and wife Phyllis in an undated pic

Don looking very solemn in another undated photo

He and Phyllis in another undated photo

A great photo of Don and Phyllis, also undated

Don with the FYV gang at the Jan 2000 reunion

He was enjoying himself in this Jun 2009 pic

Autobiographical note from Don in 2013


David Grogg created these simulations in honor of his grandfather, CN/FL pilot Hal Grogg.

We are FLamily