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Memorial to Bob Ashby



1926 - 2021

Bob flew west on Fri, Mar 5, 2021

Notes Of Remembrance

His obituary

Photo of Bob from about 1946

He poses again around 1947

By 1961 or so he was an Air Force major

Bob began working at Frontier Airlines on Jan 29, 1973 -------

He is shown in a 1976 training class

His signature photo was taken after he made captain

Bob was #238 on the Sep 1985 pilot seniority list

A pic of him that may have been his retirement flight in Jul 1985 when he turned 60 years old

Stan Stokes' great painting of Bob and his career

He attended the 2001 PHX Reunion

Bob was invited to an Arizona Tuskegee Airmen dedication in Aug 2006

A close-up of the ceremony dedicating a Redtail aircraft at Lucas AFB

He made the cover of the Winter 2009 Frontier newsletter

Billy Walker and Bob at a Nov 2009 event

Another gathering in Apr 2011 was attended by Bob abd six Frontier pilots

Bob was featured on the Nov 2012 Arizona Aviation Safety Awards Banquet program

He was invited to a Canadian WWII meeting in Jul 2013

A close-up shot of him at that meeting

Bob was at the Tuskegee Airman Reunion in May 2015

Bob and Scott Hein were at the Nov 2016 PHX Reunion

He got a ride in a P-51 in 2016 when he was 90 years old

In Mar 2017 he attended the annual Commemoration Day for Tuskegee Airmen at Lucas AFB -------

A lot of Frontier Folks sent him birthday greeting in 2020

Bob wrote a short autobiography

A Mar 2021 Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) article about Bob


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