We are FLamily!
Wayne Johnston


1938 - 1964

Notes Of Remembrance

Wayne's obituary from Dec 1964 Denver Post.

Front of sympathy note from co- workers

Inside of the note

Signatures of Wayne's co- workers

Envelope the sympathy note came in.

Front of Wayne's burial note

Inside of the burial note

Wayne's final check sent to his parents

Envelope the final check was sent in.

Photo of the Finance Dept in Jul 1963
Wayne' is 6th from the left on the back row.

Photo of Wayne from 1964

Scorecard from Wayne's FL bowling team.

1964 FL calendar from Wayne's collection

Back of calendar

Front of Wayne's FL ID card

Back of Wayne's FL ID card

Wayne's FL insurance card

The 1964-65 bowling card for Wayne

Wayne's FL key holder

Reverse of FL key holder

Photo of some of Wayne's collection

Wayne's Sunliner Club card
This was the FL employees club then

We are FLamily

Gone West But Not Forgotten!!!