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Memorial to Phil Green



1937 - 2019

Phil flew west on Fri, Feb 15, 2019

Notes Of Remembrance

His obituary

An enlarged photo from his obituary
Notice the Frontier tie!

He died in Fort Smith, Arkansas

The burial card used at his memorial

His brother Jimmy flew west on Sun, Oct 6, 2019
Jimmy helped out with the FYV-FSM Reunion for 30 years or more

Phil began working at Central Airlines on Jan 24, 1966

He got his 10 year pin in Jan 1976

His 15th year service anniversary came in Jan 1981

Phil (L) with Dave Grober and Paul Farris at the Aug 1981 FYV-FSM PIGnic

He is in a 1982 pic from the FSM ticket counter

His rank was #343 on the Jan 1986 station agent seniority list

Susi and he attended the 1989 FYV-FSM Reunion

Phil (L) and Jake Lamkins taking it easy at the 1992 FYV-FSM Reunion
The annual gathering begun in 1968 became a reunion after 1986
when Frontier went bankrupt.

Posing at the Aug 2006 reunion with FSM co-workers

Phil at the Aug 2007 reunion with friends

L-R: Rod Downey, Joe Keys and Phil at the Aug 2008 reunion
Rod flew west two days before Phil

An Aug 2009 reunion photo of Phil

Another Aug 2009 pic of Phil and wife Susi

Phil never missed a FYV-FSM Reunion
since he was one of the coordinators of the event for decades
Here he's visiting with Rusty Lambert (L) and daughter Michelle in Aug 2010

An Aug 2011 photo of Phil, Rusty Lambert and John Kelly
John flew west a week after Phil

Phil (L) at the Sep 2012 reunion with Ralph Beecham and Ed Jones
Ed flew west on Aug 2, 2015

Jake Lamkins (R) and Phil at the Sep 2012 reunion
They had been coordinating the event for over 30 years
with the able assistance of Larry Thomas who had flown west earlier in the year

L-R: Harold Maxwell, Bob Erdmann, Phil and Rusty Lambert
at the Sep 2014 FYV-FSM Reunion

Phil (R) at the Aug 2016 reunion with Richard Horn (L) and Darwin Haudrich

Another 2016 pic of Phil and Richard
Phil's battle with cancer had begun

In Aug 2017 Phil attended his last reunion

He poses at the 2017 gathering with his brother Jimmy,
a loyal helper at the reunion for years, and his daughter Michelle

Phil was on the cover of the Apr 2019 Frontier News


David Grogg created these simulations in honor of his grandfather, CN/FL pilot Hal Grogg.

We are FLamily