Old Frontier Airlines newsletter

The FRONTIER NEWS is published quarterly and dedicated to ex-employees, friends, family and fans of the old Frontier Airlines which ceased operations on August 24, 1986.

Publishing dates are October for Fall, January for Winter, April for Spring and July for Summer. Articles and photos are welcomed and subject to editing and space requirements. We cannot pay for such items but will give credit as appropriate. All submissions should deal with the old Frontier Airlines. Especially welcomed are stories of personal experiences with a humorous slant. All airline employees have a treasure trove of such stories. Please share them with the rest of the FLamily. Issues of the NEWS have been 28 pages long since the Summer 2006 edition.

We also want to publicize ALL old Frontier gatherings. Be sure to notify us with details: place, date, contact and so forth. They will be published in the Timetable.

Subscriptions are $10 per year. Text ads are $5 for 20 words, $10 for 40 words, $15 for a business card, $20 for 1/8th page and $40 for a quarter page. Back print issues are $2.50 each. All the back issues are also available in pdf format on a CD for $5. Send payment to Jake Lamkins, 1202 Scrimshaw Cove #4, Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701. Make checks out to Jake Lamkins. Email me at ExFAL@yahoo.com

It is a non-profit operation and all income goes into keeping the NEWS going. Tell others in the FLamily about the NEWS. Give a subscription as a gift. Click below to start subscription or to get a introductory issue by sending name, postal address and when/where you worked at FL. Thanks!

Some back issues are posted in .pdf format at FL News Back Issues.

We are FLamily!