We are FLamily!
Nelson Embleton


1928 - 2007

Notes Of Remembrance

Nelson's Online Funerary Guestbook

Front of Nelson's burial note

Inside his burial note

Nelson began flying as a purser with Central Airlines on January 24, 1952.

Nelson (r) in 1953 with Lloyd Leach (L) and Harry Logsdon (c)

Another 1953 pic of Nelson (l), Lloyd Leach (r) and Harry Logsdon on steps.
The stewardess is unidentified

Nelson with other CN pursers in 1953

Jan 1954 CN Skywriter article about Nelson and the pursers

Photo used in previous article

Close-up of Nelson from the photo

Feb 1963 CN Skywriter mentions Nelson

Pic of Nelson in 1983

Nelson's essay on FL's death

We are FLamily
Jake Lamkins

Gone West But Not Forgotten!!!