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Memorial to Mac Myhre

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1911 - 1982

Mac flew west on Thu, Dec 23, 1982 at the age of 71

Notes Of Remembrance

He is buried at San Mateo, California

Mac began working at Monarch Airlines on January 1, 1946.
but had worked for Ray Wilson since 1941.

A 1949 article shows Mac and other Monarch officers

He and others in 1951 on their 5th anniversaries

Mac in another 1951 group photo

Another 1951 pic about service pins

He greets first Frontier retiree in May 1953

Mac in 1954

He attended a Mar 1955 meeting

Another Mar 1955 gathering

Mac at an Apr 1955 panel in Tucson

He signed a Mar 1956 contract to buy F-27s
that was never fulfilled

The Nov 1956 Officers & Board of Directors list

He was at Frontier's 10th anniversary in Nov 1956

May 17, 1956 article about Mac

Pic of Mac from about 1956

Mac was pictured in the 1956 Frontier Annual report

He received an award in Mar 1957

An award was given by him in Aug 1957

An Oct 1957 item with Mac presenting plaques

In Nov 1957 Mac gave a fishing trophy

Mac at a film showing in Feb 1958

An Apr 1958 item shows Mac getting a plaque

He was re-elected to Frontier's Board of Directors in Apr 1958 -------

Mac at a meeting in May 1958

A Jul 1958 ceremony features Mac

He was at an Oct 1958 ceremony

Mac is presented a jackalope trophy later in the same ceremony -------

Frontier Presidents' webpage

Mac was a Hughes Airwest VP in May 1972

A brief biography of Mac


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