We Are FLamily!
Memorial to Larry Thomas



1939 - 2012

Larry flew west on Wed, May 2, 2012 at the age of 72

Notes Of Remembrance

His newspaper obituary

The funeral home obituary for him

Larry's funerary guestbook

He died in Fort Smith, Arkansas

A photo of him as a young fellow in Texas

About 1957 Larry was playing football

Larry began working at Central Airlines on May 15, 1959

BN ticket agent Sue and Larry met in STL in 1959

They married in Oct 1961

The cake cutting afterwards

Nov 1963 article notes Larry's STL-DAL move

Larry's daughter Tamara arrived per Jan 1964 item

Five year pin won in May 1964

Sue & Larry in 1964

Larry pictured in Dec 1965 article

He is dressed for work - note FL pin and ID badge

The FSM Crew and him out for dinner about 1980

Larry and some of his FSM crew at FSM in 1982

A pic of him, Ed Jones & Armon Beard at the FSM airport in 1984

Boots Davis (L) and Larry at the 1987 FYV-FSM FL Reunion
Boots barbequed chicken for 20+ years at the reunions

He attended the Aug 1989 FYV-FSM Reunion

Dave Grober, Phil Green & Larry at the Aug 1992 FYV-FSM Reunion -------

Larry helping out at the 1992 reunion
Paul Farris was also helping unload food

An undated photo of Larry

Posing at the Aug 2006 reunion with FSM co-workers

Some of the FSM FLolks at the 2007 reunion

Larry at the 2009 FYV-FSM FL Reunion

Sue and Larry in 2011

His garage in 2015


David Grogg created these simulations in honor of his grandfather, CN/FL pilot Hal Grogg.

We are FLamily