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Keith Kahle



1909 - 1997

Notes Of Remembrance

Keith flew west on Jul 4, 1997

Another obituary for him

His SSDI Record

Keith began working officially at Central Airlines in Jul 1949

Biography of Keith

Another biography of him

Keith & Central's first plane in 1944

He takes delivery of Central's first Beechcraft in Aug 1949

A Dec 1949 item about Keith

Keith meets Bob Hope in Dec 1949

He poses on a Central Bonanza in Dec 1949

Central's stockholders met Feb 1, 1952

Keith (c) poses with Central's last Bonanza in Apr 1953
MKO mayor (l) and pilot George Ceshker (r)

A Jan 1954 article about CN to carry mail

Another Jan 1954 item about pursers being replaced by stewardesses -------

Keith is mentioned in a Feb 1955 article

Official pic of Keith about 1957

A May 1957 item mentions Keith

Keith was re-elected Central president in 1957

A Feb 1960 photo of Keith

Keith accepts Hubbell painting of CN DC-3 in mid 1960

1960 Autographed photo to Jeff Gilbert, HOT manager

1960 Democratic National Convention

Keith accepts a portrait in May 1962

Jul 1962 item shows Keith giving a 10 year pin to Kenneth Fuqua

Letter from Keith in Sep 1962

A Sep 1962 item mentions Keith's seniority

1962 Christmas letter

Keith gave James Dixson his 10 year pin in Feb 1963

Article in March 1963 CN Skywriter

Keith and FL's Lew Dymond together in Jun 1963

July 1963 letter about possible strike

ALEA signs a contract with Keith in Nov 1963 article

Next month Keith signed with IAM

Keith and the CN Board of Directors in Nov 1963

Batch of 10 years pins given by Keith in Jan 1964

Keith welcomes new CN President L.E. Glasgow in Feb 1964

Jul 1964 mentions Keith's 15 year pin

Keith got CN's first 15 year pin in Aug 1964

He is pictured in the 1964 Annual Report

A close-up of the 1964 Annual Report photo

Keith is mentioned in Lamar Muse's book

David Grogg created these simulations in honor of his grandfather, CN/FL pilot Hal Grogg.

We are FLamily