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Memorial To Jack Casey

We Remember!


1936 - 2013

Notes Of Remembrance

Jack's newspaper obituary

His funeral home obituary

Close-up of Jack's obit pic

Jack's online funerary guestbook

He is buried at Denver, Colorado

DEN TCA Linda Casey was his wife

Later, Jack was married to DEN secretary Mary Dazevedo Casey

Jack in his first negotiations - Sep 1973
after being elected FL/ALEA Master Chairman in 1972

He was back in negotiations in Aug 1975

Jack became ALEA Regional Director Jan 1, 1976

He made the cover of the ALEA magazine in Aug 1977

A Dec 1977 photo of the ALEA staff includes Jack

An Apr 1978 article shows Jack at work

Second part of the article

Jack presents roses to the Miss ALEA winner in Jul 1979
L-R: Jack, Linda Leary, Sandy Bambei, Lillie Bracken

Close-up of Jack from item above

A Mar 16, 1980 ceremony saluted the new federal firearms in luggage bill
William Kilian Sr. was a DEN station agent killed by a loaded gun in checked luggage

An Apr 1980 article about the gun bill

Jack readies for another negotiations in Aug 1980

He's pictured with FL President Glen Ryland at the Oct 1980 ALEA convention

Jack pictured at the signing of the Oct 1981 FL/ALEA contract
which featured portability of seniority and a 30% improvement in wages & benefits

Article noting Jack's acceptance of the 1983 ALEA Award of Merit

Photo of Jack accepting the 1983 ALEA Award of Merit in Apr 1984
flanked by FL/ALEA Master Chairman Jake Lamkins (L) and ALEA President Vic Herbert (R)

We are FLamily