The following weblinks containing FL material have been collected from the FLolks at the online FL Club, the FL newsletters and the vast FL email network.
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BDL New England Air Museum
FL aircraft model is exhibited

DCA National Air and Space Museum
Features FL's aviation pioneer Emily Howell Warner's uniform

DEN Denver Public Library
Huge collection of FL history thanks to Ken Schultz

DEN Wings Over The Rockies Museum
An excellent place for FL memorabilia

FYV Arkansas Air Museum
Contains a CN/FL exhibit case - see next item

FYV Central and Frontier exhibits
Jake Lamkins built a CN/FL exhibit with the help of many FLolks

FSM Fort Smith Air Museum
Airport terminal exhibit features Paul Jones and Warren McLellan FL memorabilia

LAS Airport Terminal
FL model aircraft in terminal exhibit

MKC Airline History Museum
Henry Rankin and other FLolks have donated to this museum at the old MKC airport

TUS Pima Air & Space Museum
Barbara Bogan, Billy Walker and others are helping Pima build a first class FL exhibit


Most of the Frontier memorabilia Jim had accumulated over the years, the family and I donated them to the Pima Air Museum in Tuscon, AZ. They are planning a display of the 'old' Frontier. I was so glad that a bygone era was going to be displayed and honoring all the Frontier family. If anyone is interested for information about the display at PimaAir the e-mail address for the person I contacted is JStemm@pimaair.org.
- Barbara Bogan

The air museum in Hartford, CT located at BDL has a FL model in its collection.
-Kevin Porreco

The Smithsonian (National Air and Space Museum) used to have Emily Howell's uniform and some other stuff.
-Duke Ellington

I donated my 1986 Frontier uniform to the "Save-a-Connie" museum at MKC
-Mark Ingram

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