We are FLamily!
Ev Aden


1921 - 2008

Notes Of Remembrance

Front of Ev's burial note

Close-up of Ev's burial note

Head shot of Ev from burial note

Inside Ev's burial note

Close-up of photo inside the burial note

Ev's online funerary guestbook

Ev started working for Monarch Airlines on December 2, 1946

Ev and Monarch crews in 1947

Ev's report on the PHX incident in 1957

Ev was chief pilot in 1959

Ev with Monarch founder Ray Wilson in 1961

Ev in a 1966 FL ad

Close-up of Ev in the 1966 FL ad

Sep 1976 FL NEWS article about Ev and others

Text with Sep 1976 article

Ev retired from flying in 1981

We are FLamily
Jake Lamkins

Gone West But Not Forgotten!!!